About us

be. is a producer of learning experiences and resources to mainstream mindful and purposeful living in the fast-paced chaotic environment of Pakistan.

Our core focus in on people between ages 20 to 40. Our offerings are designed to be accessible to all, including those who lead packed lives. They give you an opportunity to step out from the day to day rut to center yourself, assess the direction of your life and course correct if needed.

We are based out of Karachi, Pakistan.


be. aims to:

  1. develop young mindful leadership to affect positive change,
  2. strengthen those aiming to improve things, and
  3. make mindfulness practice and awareness accessible to all

be. has open offerings, and does work in the sectors of education, music, development, and business.

Why mindfulness?

Be. sees mindfulness as a practice to inhabit the present moment more fully. This practice of being present can improve one’s personal and professional life, and aid efforts for creating a better world. By training our brains in mindfulness, we build new neural pathways and networks in the brain, boosting concentration, flexibility, and awareness.

Mindfulness meditation is now a topic of scientific inquiry with astounding results. Research shows that mindfulness can help improve psychological well-being: lift our mood, increase positive emotions, and decrease anxiety, emotional reactivity, and job burnout.

And its not just good for the mind, it improves health as well. As more recent studies have come in with less-biased physiological markers and randomly controlled experiments, there’s now a large body of research showing that mindfulness can help people be healthier. It can help them cope with the painanxietydepression, and stress that might accompany illness, especially chronic conditions; boost disease-fighting powers through our immune response; mitigate cognitive decline from aging or Alzheimer’s. Scientists are  optimistic about the positive effects of meditation on aging, there is enough evidence to suggest mindfulness as an adjunct treatment for coronary disease and its prevention; and an adjunct to addiction treatment by helping people better understand and tolerate their cravings, potentially helping them to avoid relapse after they’ve been safely weaned off of drugs or alcohol.

Guiding values

Be. is guided by a focus on equity and access, and our commitment to social change. We are committed to making the possibility of a mindful life accessible to all regardless of their economic and social background.

These values guide who we choose to work with, and make sure our trainings demystify key concepts and retain their secular flavor. Most of our offerings are priced on the sliding scale to allow people to pay for them according to their paying capacity.

Global best practices

Using well-developed and well-taught socio-emotional curricula can build emotional resilience, reduce stress, and encourage reflection. This idea has gained tremendous traction around the world, and shown results year after after. be. is a part of that larger movement. Some organizations that have inspired us include Eckhart Tolle School of Awakening, Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach's Awareness Training Institute, Minds Incorporated, and Inward Bound Mindfulness Education.

Our parent company

be. is a product of the Center for Social Innovation in Developing Countries (CSIDC). CSIDC is part of a global response to the urgent challenges facing our world today: climate change, inequality, obsolete education systems, violence, widespread dissatisfaction, others. These challenges are a result of the actions or inactions of all of us, and are creating a future desired by none of us. For our future, the future of other life forms, and the future of our planet, we need leadership that can catalyze large scale shifts in mindsets and fuel widespread action. CSIDC works to develop this leadership. 

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