How will this affect my day to day?

The be. experience will help you

1- Take a breather and tune in with yourself
2- Help you learn ways to beat anxiety and stress when it strikes
3- Help you stay afloat during the worry wave at school or college
4- Cut out the noise of expectations, hear your own voice, and get clearer about what matters to you
5- Practice how to develop healthy and authentic connections with others.


What are the long term effects?

The be. experience will develop your personal capacities of self-awareness and emotional resilience, and relational capacities of compassion and authentic connection. It will do this by helping you:

1- become aware of or notice emotions, rather than fluctuating between hiding or suppressing them, or having them take over you completely, 
2- learn how to respond rather than react;
3- have power in situations where you have felt powerless;
4- take control of your actions and life situation.

Research suggests that socio-emotional modules like ours result in:

1- Greater concentration, learning retention and standardized test scores
2- Greater inner resiliency and self-esteem
3- More positive attitudes about others, greater empathy, and better relationships
4- Reduced stress and anxiety

What does a session look like?

A be. module is highly experiential. In a session, you will reflect individually and as a group through guided exercises, including mindful movement and meditation. You will learn practices and ways of being that are emotionally restorative, professionally enriching and personally transformative.