The big issue

For young people in their late teens, it’s a constant challenge to be it all. They have to excel in academics and extra-curriculars. They have to be social and be a good son/daughter and friend. They have to look good with the definition of beauty changing each day. They need to have a plan about life and be spontaneous enough not to be boring. 

Starting from O-levels final year to freshman year of undergrad, each academic year seemingly more important than the next, these pressures just continue to mount. There is higher and higher levels of stress. This is especially true if you’re a high achiever.

The question

How do you stay calm and happy while managing these expectations and transitions? How do you stay sane while balancing everything and working each day for a bright future?

Today, your best option is to find support from friends, but of course, often they are facing the very same issues. Without having the right coping mechanisms in your toolbox, this state of stress and unhappiness is likely to only increase with age and added responsibility. 

The good news

There are tried and tested ways to help you be happier and better able to perform if you are willing to invest the time and resources to learn them. And thats what we do at be. 

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