be. contemplation time

be. contemplation time is a free offering held at the t2f every 3rd Thursday of the month to foster deeper conversations about meaning, purpose, and life.

It is a useful platform for those curious about mindfulness and other contemplative practices to give them a try. Its also an opportunity to go beyond your social circle to connect with likeminded individuals.


Want to know yourself better? Crave some quiet introspective time within Karachi’s chaos? Find some needed me-time here.

be. contemplation time is a space set aside for you to connect with the deeper, calmer, and more silent part of you through meditative and contemplative practice.

Each month’s session is unique and different from any other. Watch the FaceBook pages for Be. or T2F to get more details on the month’s session.

Time: 6 PM - 8 PM each third Thursday of the month