be. is working towards the following goals:

  1. developing a cadre of young mindful leadership to affect positive social change,
  2. strengthening those that are already on that journey of creating a better world, and
  3. making the concept accessible to a wider audience so everyone is able to benefit from it.

be. has open offerings, and does work in the sectors of education, music, non-profit and social change, and business.

Design of offerings

Be. is committed to make all our offerings accessible to those from diverse backgrounds.

At a content level, this ensures that the key concepts are demystified, translated into the local metaphor, and retain their secular flavor. All offerings are highly interactive guided by the idea that no question is unwelcome.

All be. offerings engage the mind through logic, and the (spiritual) heart using experiences of silence, meditation and sharing. We follow a non-cookie cutter approach and design each learning experience and resource afresh for a group.


More on design

All be. offerings have a mix of the following components:

1- Incorporation of movement: Involving activities and postures that release pent-up energy and get participants in the moment, foster mental clarity and calmness and center attention.

2- Mindfulness meditation: Sitting in a concentrated way to observe your mind can help cultivate awareness of one’s thoughts.

3- Using texts and talks: Using a text or a talk to engage the mind can further the discourse and deepen understanding of concepts.

4- Communication and sharing: Encourage participants to share their questions and struggles in a space that feels safe so we build a loving community where we are all in this together, and develop mindful relationship skills.