be. book circle

Engaging purposefully in a transformative text can shift the way we look at ourselves and the world.

Our book circles create a space for you to practice mindfulness and contemplation while using a book that is widely acclaimed as transformative to look at our lives – think of it like a wise friend providing counsel to your life. The group setting provides structure and brings discipline allowing you to go deeper despite your hectic life.

Each be. book circle is a four session 1.5 hour setting where a group holds space for participants to discuss our learnings and struggles in fully engaging with or implementing what we are reading. Each session has meditation and/or a contemplative practice (a visualization, a short writing exercise etc.), and open discussion. All participants complete approximately 40-50 pages of reading before each session.

Some texts that have been studied include A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.


Open workshops

Be. also hosts a series of workshops open for all audiences.

One example of this was the 3 level workshop: “Starting a Regular Mindfulness Practice by Noorulain” at the T2F in 2018.

The goal was to help participants become more present day to day, moment to moment. Level 1 helped them establish a regular mindfulness meditation practice, a safe space to begin observing their thoughts from a place of no judgment. Level 2 and 3 drew upon the works of Eckhart Tolle to explore the concepts of Ego (the man-made “false” self) and the Painbody (the wounds we carry of past emotional pain) to learn how to become more mindful of and present to life.

All-women retreats

Be. offers silent retreats for women so they can unplug and reconnect to their innate wisdom. Women come to these retreats after feeling burnt out, disengaged and overspent. Retreats may have a certain theme also such as loss, love etc.

These retreats incorporate periods of silence, mindfulness meditation, movement, along with creative time, and free time to share and build relationships. They are completely tech-free and appropriate for those who have never been on a retreat before.


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